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Redpoint Training is a climbing training assessment, planning, and coaching program designed by expert FA climbers. Redpoint Graphics_B&W-02Our Redpoint coaches bring years of climbing and training experience, a thorough hands-on understanding of the climbing training toolkit, and a friendly, no-frills approach to helping you reach your climbing goals.

To get started, your Redpoint coach will complete a 90-minute assessment of your climbing skills and provide you with a training plan. From there, you can book additional training sessions with your coach, or you can work through your training plan independently.

Get a personalized plan to reach your climbing goals.

During the 90-minute Redpoint Assessment, a coach will guide you through a series of drills designed to identify your opportunities for growth as a climber. Based on the assessment results and your climbing goals, your coach will provide you with a training plan you can follow to reach those goals.

Pricing: $79 members | $99 non-members 

Members can also use their FA Bonus points to get half off the Assessment!

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Train for climbing with your coach.

Some climbers just need a plan and they’re set. Others benefit from private our team-based training with a Redpoint coach to learn proper form for the workouts in their training plan or push their training to the next level. Click below to learn more about the training programs we offer.


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