Kids Climbing Classes in Uptown

Climbing toward stronger bodies, smarter minds, and bigger hearts.

Our mission: introduce kids to a lifelong sport that is empowering, rewarding, and just plain fun! 

Image-188Climbing’s unique physical, mental and emotional challenges provide a wonderful opportunity for children to develop valuable life skills such as problem solving, self-reliance, discipline, teamwork, and character.

Our age-based, progressive program is designed to provide a structured, stair-step approach for kids of all abilities to become skilled and confident climbers.

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The next session runs from

Monday, October 28th to Sunday, December 22nd. Enrollment closes on Friday, October 25th. Enroll your child now!


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Interested in climbing but unsure about an 8-week class?

Check out our version of trial classes we call

Kids Rock Blocks

hour-long drop-in climbing sessions hosted by our fantastic instructors with a general introduction to our program.

  • Image-81Fun, skill-based curriculum keeps kids of all ability levels engaged and making progress
  • 8-week sessions with convenient weekday and weekend Class Schedule
  • Affordable Pricing auto-billed in monthly installments
  • Student/teacher ratio:
    • Ages 4-10: 4 to 1 ratio
    • Ages 11 & up: 6 to 1 ratio
  • Most newer climbers will begin in the standard age group/curriculum – see the Class Descriptions below. Students with significant climbing experience will be evaluated by a Lead Rec Instructor or Youth Coordinator and placed appropriately.
  • At the end of each session (week 7 or 8), a progress report will be issued to the child and parent, and at that time it may be recommended that he/she move to an advanced version of his/her age group class.
2019/2020 SESSIONS
Early Fall9/310/27
Late Fall10/2812/22

See Class Descriptions below for more information about the curriculum in each class.

Class NameAge RangeClass DurationMonthly Autopay*
(Members | Non-Members)
Spider MonkeysAges 4-51 Hour$54.50 | $69.50
ScramblersAges 5-61 Hour
Rock HoppersAges 6-81 Hour
Rock WarriorsAges 9-101 Hour
Stone MastersAges 11-131.5 Hour$74.50 | $99.50

*Monthly billing requires a full session commitment and a card on file.


  • Sibling Discount: 25% for each additional child after first.
  • Second class discount: 25% on the additional class after the first.

Help your child build strength and confidence – and have a blast while doing it. Enroll today!

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Please note: the schedule below is subject to change.

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4:00 PM Rock Hoppers
5:00 PMRock Warriors
6:00 PMStone Masters
10:00 AMScramblers (starting Late Spring)
11:00 AMRock Warriors (starting Late Spring) Rock Hoppers
12:00 PMStone MastersKids Rock Block
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1:00 PM
Classes fill up quickly – enroll your child today!

Our 8-week session classes utilize 5 simultaneous tracks of development to keep your child engaged and moving forward, all while having a great time:

  • Technical safety skills
  • Movement skills
  • Strength and fitness
  • Strategic thinking
  • Goal setting and completion

If a child completes the basic curriculum in his/her age group class, we have advanced versions of each class to build upon those initial skills, as well as a competitive team prep program for especially talented climbers.


Our Spider Monkeys curriculum is centered around the concept of “learning without knowing you’re learning.” Through a multitude of climbing and movement related games we try to build basic kinesthetic learning skills, body awareness and balance. Movement skills, confidence and empowerment are emphasized over technical skill mastery or route completion.


In our Scramblers classes, students will engage in many forms of climbing with the goal of learning basic safety skills, basic footwork, core movement skills, and the ability to “summit” our rock walls. We strive to instill a fundamental understanding of how to utilize strength and balance to move “with” the rock. We incorporate many student-centered, simple movement games to open up terrain kids might not otherwise attempt, and to make their time on the wall fun, satisfying and instructive.


Our Rock Hoppers students are usually ready to begin moving away from of our vertical walls and on to steeper, more interesting terrain. We emphasize the importance of footwork skills over pure strength as the terrain becomes steeper, and an understanding of the basic mechanics of climbing and body positions–or what we call “climbing moves.” At this age, students are also introduced the concept of “sequencing,” which is the skill of planning their path up the climb before they begin.


Our Rock Warriors students are at a fantastic age to readily learn the interaction of strength, technical movement, and thoughtful planning that is the essence of rock climbing. These students will engage in all styles of climbing to refine core movement skills, master intermediate footwork and begin to develop a fundamental understanding of the interaction between body position, gravity, and rock. We incorporate unique movement specific exercises to develop motor memory and an intuitive feeling for how to attack any combination of rock holds and positions.

STONE MASTERS (Ages 11-13)

In our Stone Masters classes, students begin to truly refine their footwork, movement, and body positioning skills. We add in more complex “specialty” moves and sequencing skills. At this age, we also introduce challenging strength training exercises more specific to climbing. Some Stone Masters may work toward our Team Prep series (or even a direct try-out for the competitive team), while others will work on perfecting their technical skills, building out their repertoire of climbing moves and exploring new and more challenging terrain as their strength continues to increase.

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