A unique professional development program at First Ascent.

Your team is your biggest asset. Invest in that team with Elevate, a unique professional development experience crafted by a De Paul Professor and facilitated by First Ascent’s expert instructors that will take your team to the next level.

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Elevate advances team dynamics through a custom-tailored program designed around your team’s unique goals. Whether you’re looking for a fun day out of the office or an opportunity to develop mission-critical team habits, our expert facilitators hand select activities that can help your team:

Have fun together

Build trust

Improve communication

Hone leadership skills

Take ownership

Share resources

Empower initiative and decision making

Nurture creative problem solving

We offer 3 packages that can be customized around your team’s unique needs and goals:

Enjoy a fun day of climbing with your group or team.
  • 90-minute session is a great way to cap off a work day
  • We’ll start with climbing safety and technique fundamentals, then tackle some climbs as a group with one of our expert instructors as your guide
  • Includes climbing coaching on a 10:1 ratio, as well as climbing gear for all participants
Combine climbing with our Professor-designed teambuilding program to elevate your team’s dynamic.
  • 2.5 hour program tailored to your team’s goals
  • Expert instructors use a custom mix of climbing and floor-based activities to help your team build trust, improve communication, empower decision making, nurture problem solving, and have fun together
  • Elevate program includes a healthy snack package for your team, as well as instruction on an 8:1 instructor to participant ratio and climbing gear
Spend a half day at First Ascent taking your team to new heights.
  • 4 hour program includes our Professor-designed teambuilding program as well as the time and space to meet as a team and celebrate the accomplishments of the day
  • Summit program includes a catered lunch or dinner provided by one of our preferred caterers, as well as instruction on an 8:1 instructor to participant ratio and climbing gear
  • Add on yoga and fitness classes, improv workshops with Second City instructors, and more

Pricing and availability vary based on requested time, location, and scope of your program. Click “Book Now” below and complete the Elevate Questionnaire, and we’ll be in touch with pricing and scheduling information for your team.

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Questions? Email us at elevate@firstascentclimbing.com.