Kids Open Climb

Get your child climbing with our drop-in climbing sessions!

Does your child want to try rock climbing or need to move during virtual learning?

Sign them up for an Open Climb session!


If you’re looking to get your kids some exercise, help them learn some new skills, and get them away from a screen for a bit, Open Climb drop-in sessions will benefit everyone in your family!

Our experienced instructors will guide your child as they play on our climbing walls and engage in a variety of games and fitness activities in a socially distanced setting. An Open Gym session at First Ascent can see your child warming-up with some stretching and cardio, climbing on our 60ft walls, doing body-weight exercises, and then ending the session with an intense game of 500. Every session is different, and kids will love the variety.

Parents are welcome to stay at the gym in our co-working space, or drop your child off to get some errands done!

Our Open Climb sessions are available to children ages 7-13 years old. Because we are limited with how many people can be in the gym at a time, we have limited space in each class.




Sunday: 12:00-2:00pm

First Ascent Avondale (3516 N Spaulding Ave)



Members: $40 per session

Non-members: $55 per session

Rental harness and shoes included



  • Health & Cleanliness Standards: All participants are required to follow our health and cleanliness standards, including wearing a mask at all times while at First Ascent, practicing social distancing, and washing or sanitizing hands regularly. Our instructors will take care to socially distance all participants and reinforce the standards throughout the Open Climb session.
  • Refunds: Due to space and scheduling limitations, there are no refunds for Open Climb Drop-In classes.
  • Pre-booking: All pre-booked Open Climb sessions must be paid in full to reserve your spot.



To book your child’s session please fill out the enrollment form below!

If this is your child’s first visit, please be sure to complete a waiver for your child first here first. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at

Questions? Email us at