Kids Climbing Classes

Empowering kids through the sport of rock climbing.

Please note that we are currently holding classes at reduced capacity and our minimum age is 7.

Our mission: introduce kids to an empowering, rewarding, and lifelong sport that is just plain fun!

Climbing evokes a wonderful mix of physical, mental and emotional challenges making it the right environment for children to develop skills in problem-solving, self-reliance, discipline, teamwork, and character.

Our age-based, progressive program is designed to provide a structured approach for kids of all abilities. Our game-driven activities let us learn and grow all while having an absolute blast!

Our next session (Winter) starts Monday, January 4th

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2020/21 SESSIONS
Late Fall10/2612/20
Early Spring3/15/2

Interested in climbing but unsure about an 8-week class?

Try out Open Climb, a two hour-long drop-in session hosted by our fantastic instructors.

  • Our fun, skill-based curriculum keeps kids of all ability levels engaged and making progress
  • 8-week sessions (paid in two monthly, auto-billed installments on the 1st of each month)
  • Student/teacher ratio:
    • Ages 4-10: 4 to 1 ratio
    • Ages 11 & up: 6 to 1 ratio
  • Most newer climbers will begin in the standard age group/curriculum. Students with significant climbing experience will be evaluated by a Lead Rec Instructor or Youth Coordinator and placed appropriately.
  • At the end of each session (week 7 or 8), a progress report will be issued to the child and parent, and at that time it may be recommended that he/she move to an advanced version of his/her age group class.

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Class DurationSession PriceBilled in monthly installments of
1 Hour$149$74.50
1.5 Hour$199$99.50
Class DurationSession PriceBilled in monthly installments of
1 Hour$199$99.50
1.5 Hour$259$129.50


Sibling Discount: 25% for each additional child after your first one.

Second class discount: 25% off additional classes after your first one.

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Here is our list of class offerings grouped by age. To see the full schedule of classes currently available, click “Enroll Your Child”.

Ages 4-5: Spider Monkeys

Spider Monkeys (ages 4-5) learn climbing without knowing they’re learning. Through a multitude of climbing and movement games, we build body awareness, balance, and confidence – all while having an absolute blast.

Spider Monkeys Schedule for Next Session: 

We are currently not holding Spider Monkey Classes



Ages 5-6: Scramblers

Scramblers (ages 5-6) engage in many forms of climbing in pursuit of their first “summit” of our rock walls while learning basic safety skills, footwork, and movement skills. Through student-centered games, we encourage each student to attempt climbs on terrain they might not otherwise try, and we strive to make their time on the wall instructive, satisfying, and a whole lot of fun.

Scramblers Schedule for Next Session: 

We are currently not holding Scramblers classes


Ages 6-8: Rock Hoppers

Rock Hoppers (ages 6-8) are ready to begin moving away from our vertical walls and on to steeper, more challenging terrain. We utilize fun games and competitions to emphasize the importance of footwork, sequencing (planning your next climbing move), and body positioning over pure strength as Rock Hoppers continue to work their hardest climbs yet.

Rock Hoppers Schedule for Next Session: 

We are currently not holding Rock Hopper Classes


Ages 7-10: Rock Warriors

Rock Warriors (ages 7-10) engage in all styles of climbing to refine core movement skills, master intermediate footwork and begin to develop a fundamental understanding of the interaction between body position, gravity, and rock. We incorporate unique movement specific exercises to develop motor memory and an intuitive feeling for how to attack any combination of rock holds and positions. Pricing for 8 wk session: Members $149, Non-Members $199

Rock Warriors Schedule for Next Session: 

Wed/Thurs: 4:00pm | Wed/Thurs: 5:00pm | Fri: 6:00pm | Sat: 8:00am | Sat: 9:00 am | Sun: 8:00am


Ages 11-13: Stone Masters

Stone Masters (ages 11-13) continue building their climbing skill set by exploring more complex “specialty” moves, sequencing skills, advanced rope work, and strength training for climbing. Some Stone Masters may work toward our Team Prep series (or even a direct try-out for the competitive team). Several levels of Advanced Curriculum are available for returning Stone Masters, and will be applied individually, at the instructors discretion. Pricing for 8 wk session: Members $199, Non-Members $249

Stone Masters Schedule for Next Session: 

Wed/Thurs: 5:00pm | Fri: 5:00pm | Sun: 9:00 am

Ages 14-17: Youth Climbing Club

Youth Climbing Club will give your child the opportunity to continue their growth without any pressure of competition as well as with an age group that is appropriate for them. We will incorporate elements of connection such as clinics, post-class get-togethers, and fun local competition opportunities. This class will be instructed by 2 experienced Youth Instructors who will offer assessment, supervision, camaraderie building, and encouragement while your climber reaches their goals. Pricing is $145/month for 1 class/wk, $165 for 2 classes/wk

Youth Climbing Club Schedule for Next Session:

We are currently not holding youth climbing club classes


Ages 9-14: Team Prep

Team Prep students (ages 9-14) are training for a spot on First Ascent’s national-level competitive team. Designed by our Head Team Coach, these challenging Team Prep classes focus on one specific area of development per session, and offer the best way to learn to move like an expert, get super strong, and unravel complicated bouldering and route sequences. Team Prep classes are 1.5 hour, invite-only classes.

Team Prep Schedule for Next Session: 

We are currently not holding Team Prep classes


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