Redpoint Team Training

Let's train. Together.

Take your training to the next level with Redpoint Team Training!

Let’s face it – training can be difficult. It can even be boring. And humans have trouble doing difficult and boring things consistently. But you have to be consistent if your training is going to pay off.

That’s why we created Redpoint Team Training, an opportunity for you to implement your training plan more effectively because you have other people to train with and a Redpoint coach to guide you. Training with others provides built in accountability, encouragement, and even fun to an otherwise mundane training regimen. Come experience the difference that training with others makes – join us for Redpoint Team Training!

What you get with Redpoint Team Training:

  • One weekly small group training session where your Redpoint Coach guides you through your climbing workout for the week
  • A small group of climbers to train with that will help keep you motivated and accountable
  • Expert analysis and personalized input on your training plan
  • A periodized training program that will help get you ready to send your projects for the next climbing season

Those who train together, send together. Come train with us and get psyched to reach your climbing goals!

All Redpoint Team members need to undergo an assessment before joining the program. Take advantage of these great offers to help you get started!


FIRST: Join your first Team Training session FREE. Just select the Free Trial Session option when you sign up on the schedule below. 

THEN: EITHER Get a FREE assessment when you sign up for your first month of Redpoint Team Training at full price OR Get 50% off your first month of Redpoint Team Training if you’ve already purchased an assessment.

Ask a Redpoint Coach for more details or email to sign up.

 Monthly Dues*

*Team Training dues are auto-billed monthly on the date you first sign up for the program.
*Cancel anytime with minimum 5 days notice before your next monthly billing date.


Below is the schedule of upcoming Redpoint Team Training sessions you can join if you’re enrolled in the Team Training program. You can sign up for one Team Training session per week.


Ready to get started? All Redpoint training programs begin with a Redpoint Assessment. Please complete the Pre-Assessment Survey below to begin your training program. 

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Already completed an Assessment? Please email or speak with your Redpoint Coach to sign up for Redpoint Team Training.

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