For those times when you’re stuck in line, or you’re just about to get out of work, or you want to marvel at how cool climbing is and what other climbers around the world are doing, there’s Youtube!

Some will drop your jaw; some will inform; one will definitely make you laugh.


1) How the German Climbing Team trains:

2) What works better in climbing: power or technique? Good question and Alex Megos has your answer:

3) The route climbed in this vid is rated at C15… “C” stands for cute.

4) One of Vice’s immaculately produced news segments on Ashima.

5) NatGeo’s 24 minute Q&A – with footage – on climbing around the world featuring Mark Synnott, Alex Honnold and Jimmy Chin.

6) A climbing spoof/parody so good, it’s won multiple awards.